Trails of Cypress Lake

Located in the 77377 zip code, Trails of Cypress Lake is just one example of the Tomball TX neighborhoods with a range of gorgeous, spacious homes for sale. This neighborhood has a reputation for generous floor plans, beautiful properties, and a wide range of tastes and styles across the particulars of the homes themselves. This neighborhood has certainly benefitted from working with some of the best TX home builders working today, and you can find homes selling for an average price of around 330, 000 dollars. This gives the neighborhood a nice element of affordability. If you were to compare this neighborhood to some of the other neighborhoods in Tomball, you would find that Trails falls somewhere on the middle of the price range spectrum.

With stunning houses, and a prime location in one of the best cities in Harris County, there is a lot about Trails of Cypress Lake that is worth your attention.

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With homes built largely between 2007 and 2015, this is one of the more modern community additions to the larger Tomball TX landscape. The neighborhood largely consists of single-family units, and you can find homes with 2-4 bedrooms, 2-5 bathrooms, and much more. The larger properties in this neighborhood have homes that top out at 4500 square feet. There are a number of homes that are ideal for families. By the same token, there are a number of homes for sale that can prove to be perfect for young couples, singles, or even those who would like to simplify their life in a very desirable neighborhood.

Beyond everything you can get from the homes in this neighborhood, remember that Tomball is a Harris County city of more than ten thousand people. The population remains stable, even as the city continues to add neighborhoods and homes to the region. This is a perfect compromise for those who want the essentials of a big city, with the peace and friendliness that comes with living in a small town. Trails of Cypress Lake puts you at the forefront of great Tomball Independent School District schools, shopping, dining, parks, golfing, lakes, and much more. You are going to be close to Cypress TX, Spring TX, and Klein TX. This is also a great location for those who need to make their way to Downtown Houston on a semi-regular basis. Living here will put you less than one hour away from Downtown Houston.

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"Trails of Cypress Lake"