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When it comes to Tomball TX, are we talking about a thriving suburban community? Are we actually referring to a small, bustling city with small town atmosphere and compassion? The truth of the matter is that we can use either of those descriptions to talk about this town. We can also use both, in order to create a better impression of what you can find in this Harris County incorporated city of more than ten thousand.

We can also take a close look at some of the homes for sale in this area, which enjoys close ties to cities/towns like Cypress TX, Klein TX, and Spring TX. Powder Mill Estates is a fantastic example of the neighborhoods that serve to create a distinct, impressive example of everything Tomball has to offer. While this suburban community/small city can be a great way to get to places like Cypress, The Woodlands, or even Downtown Houston, keep in mind that there is a lot to Tomball that makes it appealing on its own terms.

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Tomball TX features a number of gated communities, as well as stunning homes that are not part of such areas. Taken as a whole, we are talking about spacious, beautiful properties that cover a variety of needs and possibilities. You can also find homes that cover a number of different styles and tastes. Powder Mill Estates features a number of modern homes, with the first properties in this community going up around 1995. The neighborhood has continued to develop and change since then. While there are a nice range of homes available here, Powder Mill nonetheless maintains a spirit of togetherness, in terms of the size and styles of the homes.

Most of the homes for sale in this neighborhood start in the 500, 000 dollar range. It is entirely possible for homes to sell for more than that, but it is unlikely that these homes will be made available for less. This is one of the many desirable neighborhoods that have come to define Tomball. Beyond the great neighborhoods like Powder Mill, Tomball is a city supported by great schools in the Tomball Independent School District. This is also a city that offers shopping, dining, gorgeous parks, entertainment venues, lakes, access to some of the best golf courses in Texas, walking trails, and so much more. You can get to Downtown Houston in less than an hour from Tomball TX, as well.

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