Northpointe Forest

“Sprawling” is a pretty good word to describe the homes for sale across the dazzling Tomball TX community of Northpointe Forest. From one end of this community to the other, you are going to find excellent examples of the gorgeous estate-style properties and other impressive homes that make up this part of the thriving city of Tomball. At the same time, considering the size and stunning curb appeal of these homes, you are also talking about one of the most affordable parts of Tomball that you are going to find.

After first popping up in 1996, Northpointe has undergone a number of improvements and additions over the years. This includes homes from some of the finest home builders in the state, or even some of the best on the national level. These homes can be appealing for families, but the truth of the matter is that style and comfort combinations such as these can be a perfect fit for just about anyone. If you want to live right where you can get to the best of Tomball TX, this is one of your top possibilities for a neighborhood to call home.

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While homes for sale in this area are likely to start in the high 500, 000 dollar range, keep in mind the specifics of each home that is available at Northpointe Forest. These are massive estate options for those who want such things in a place to live. Traveling through this neighborhood, you will find an impressive variety of potential homes that you can consider. At the same time, you could certainly make the case that all of these houses still create a distinct, unified vision of the neighborhood. This is a beautiful area that offers privacy and security, but this Tomball TX neighborhood also has the potential to be warm, inviting.

As we mentioned before, this neighborhood can be perfect for those who wish to raise a family. After all, you are going to be just a few minutes away from the great schools available through the Tomball Independent School District. You are also going to be able to enjoy everything Tomball has to offer. That list includes shopping, restaurants, parks, walking trails, grocery stores, bars, golf courses, and so much more. This city of 10, 000+ has close ties to other Harris County cities and towns. This includes Cypress. You are also going to be near everything Downtown Houston has to offer.

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"Northpointe Forest"