Lakewood Village

Bolstered by striking homes for rent, as well as a very desirable location in Tomball TX, there is no question that Lakewood Village is going to get your attention in the best way possible. This is just one example of the beautiful, well-maintained neighborhoods that dominate the landscape of Tomball. There is a lot about this Harris County city of 10, 000 that is worth getting excited about, and you can certainly start with everything you are going to gain by living in a neighborhood like this one.

Living in Tomball has a number of benefits, including great schools, and a very desirable location. However, when it comes to truly appreciating what you can gain from living here, you are going to want to dig a little deeper. As you will learn, Tomball is a city that brings together people from all walks of life. Some like the close connections to other towns and cities in Harris County TX. Others simply appreciate Tomball for offering modern big city features in what can be described as a small town package. Others still combine those thoughts. When you learn more about the homes for rent in Lakewood Village, it is likely you will reach similar conclusions.

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This neighborhood established its roots approximately twelve years ago. Travel through LV in the present, and you will find an intriguing blend of contemporary-style homes, ranch-style homes, Mediterranean-style homes, and many others. Tomball TX is a city of luxurious homes and gated communities. In fact, it is not unreasonable to find homes that sell for several million. That isn’t the case here, but that should still give you an idea of what you can gain by calling this neighborhood home.

The homes for rent are in the range of 2000 or so dollars a month. This is well within the range of average rental prices for homes in Tomball. The homes are generally of the mid-size variety, but you can find some options that go above or beneath that distinction. In other words, Lakewood Village has charm and personality, as well as variety enough to appeal to virtually anyone.

You will be close to such cities and towns as Klein TX, Spring TX, and Cypress TX. For many residents of Tomball, the easy connection to Cypress is one of the biggest benefits by far. However, many Tomball residents also appreciate being less than one hour away from Downtown Houston.

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"Lakewood Village"