Lakewood Place

With townhomes for sale that average out at 175, 000 dollars, Lakewood Place is easily one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Tomball TX. While you should certainly appreciate that fact, it is also important to remember that the relatively low-cost homes in this neighborhood are not a measure of the quality of the area itself. Tomball is filled with gated communities and other impressive neighborhoods. In certain neighborhoods, it is not uncommon for a home to sell for millions of dollars.

This is not the case with this neighborhood. However, when you look at examples of the beautiful, spacious homes in this area, you will feel as though you have just stumbled upon one of the great secrets of Tomball real estate. Not only is this neighborhood one of the most beautiful in Tomball, but it is also one of the most affordable. You can find numerous areas throughout Tomball that meet both of those needs in spectacular fashion.

Lakewood Place has more than a variety of spacious, modern townhomes (the neighborhood was established in 2005). It has a great location within Tomball, and it offers possibilities that can appeal to just anyone.

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The average townhome size for this neighborhood is more than 1600 square feet. The single-family units in this area can be ideal for young couples, or for those seeking the perfect starter home for a family. At the same time, the homes for sale here have charms and benefits that can appeal to anyone who wants to find the best home possible. The homes here could best be described as mid-size properties.

Tomball TX offers more than just a collection of suburbs and gated communities. This is a thriving community of more than ten thousand, and the history of Tomball can be traced back several generations. For decades, Tomball has served as a community that offers everything you could ever want from a place to live. In the present, this is a city of shopping, dining, beautiful parks, closeness to other cities in Harris County, and so much more. Lakewood Place is located near to everything Tomball has to offer. You are also going to be part of a community that is less than one hour away from Downtown Houston. You are also going to be quite close to Cypress TX, which is certainly an impressive city with much to offer on its own terms.

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"Lakewood Place"