Lakewood Park

With homes built between 1984 and 2015, the Tomball TX community of Lakewood Park has a wide range of intriguing, beautiful homes for sale. This is a neighborhood that is firmly rooted to the community of Tomball, which offers a bustling population of more than ten thousand. You can find contemporary masterpieces from some of the best Texas home builders. You can find older ranch-style properties that have stood the test of time in the best way possible. Regardless of what you come across in this area, you can be sure that it is going to be something special.

As you appreciate everything this enduring neighborhood has to offer, make it a point to appreciate the perks of living in Tomball, Texas, as well. This is a community that has provided residents with a comprehensive, friendly home for a number of decades. As nearby Houston has grown, particularly Downtown Houston, so have the fortunes of Tomball TX. The same can be said for many of the other towns and cities that make up Harris County. Yet while Tomball certainly benefits from a close relationship to Downtown Houston, it is nonetheless a city that has much to offer on its own. In fact, unless you need Downtown Houston for work or adventure, a lot of people will tell you that Tomball, or even nearby Cypress TX, can give you everything you could ever need.

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When it comes to everything Lakewood Park has to offer, we are talking about one of the most unique, multifaceted neighborhoods in Tomball. The homes for sale in this area are among the most affordable in Harris County. It is certainly possible to find a home in this community for 135-140, 000 dollars. Most of the houses for sale in this neighborhood top at around 195, 000 dollars. It is rare that a home in this area sells for much more than the high 300, 000 mark.

At the same time, even with such affordable properties, we are still talking about large homes that are surrounded by some of the best gated communities in Tomball TX. You are also part of a neighborhood that is supported by exceptional schools in the Tomball Independent School District. Then you have the restaurants, shopping, bars, cafes, parks, entertainment venues, lakes, golf courses, and hiking trails that define your immediate surroundings. You can also keep in mind that you are just about an hour away from Downtown Houston.

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"Lakewood Park"