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Located in the 77377 zip code, the homes for sale throughout Lakewood Hills do a wonderful job of showing you some of the best of Tomball TX. In terms of living in Tomball, there are several things you are going to want to keep in mind. This is a thriving city of more than 10, 000, and you will find that the city offers virtually everything you are ever going to want from a community. This is also a city of luxurious homes, as well as gorgeous gated communities. The range of homes available throughout Tomball point to a community of opulence and modern comfort, yet with an atmosphere that can perhaps best be described as the warmth you would find with a small town.

Lakewood Hills is just one example of all of that. Yet when you look over the large, decidedly contemporary homes, with prices starting in the high 200, 000 dollar range, keep in mind that you are looking at a great example of everything this town has to offer.

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This neighborhood in Tomball TX first opened up to the world in 1997. The neighborhood has maintained its stature and high standards since, with a number of new additions joining this bustling element of Tomball. The homes cover a range of styles, including many examples of traditional-style homes. The neighborhood also has a nice walkability rating, in terms of the general area. In terms of size, note that the average home in this neighborhood is three thousand square feet. Many of these homes are available on lots that are approximately a quarter acre in size.

While the homes for sale are lovely, and the neighborhood is excellent, it’s worth appreciating the benefits of living in Tomball, Texas. This community has enjoyed steady growth and development, over the course of the past few generations. Great schools are available through the Tomball Independent School District. In terms of entertainment, natural beauty, grocery stores, parks, shopping, and roads or highways that can take you to all points beyond, you are going to find that Lakewood Hills in Tomball TX can meet all of your needs. You aren’t going to be very far off from Cypress. You can also take advantage of Tomball providing residents with an easy commute to Downtown Houston. Tomball represents a great way to meet your daily commute needs, while having a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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