Tomball TX offers a stunning array of homes for sale, from one neighborhood to the next. Gettysburg is just one example of the neighborhoods in Tomball, Texas, but it is likely to strike you from the very beginning as one of the most impressive. This charming city of more than ten thousand offers a number of distinctive, aesthetically-pleasing, and quite large neighborhoods. This particular neighborhood is just one example of what you can find, but it has a stellar reputation for being one of the finest. Starting with the benefits of your location, there are several reasons as to why this neighborhood is so well-regarded.

Home prices for this neighborhood range from around 188, 000, all the way up to 282, 000 dollars. You can find a number of homes for more than that, but this neighborhood still offers some of the most stunning-yet-affordable properties to be found anywhere. This is true for not only Tomball, but for the various towns and cities that make up Harris County. If you are looking for a place that will make it easy to get to places like Cypress or Downtown Houston, Tomball TX and Gettysburg are going to prove to be absolutely perfect!

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With homes built between 1979 and 1999, this neighborhood is one of the more established options in Tomball. Newer homes do exist, and this neighborhood is a popular destination for a wide range of well-known home builders, but the neighborhood by and large features homes that have stood the test of time. Single-family homes for sale populate this Tomball neighborhood, and you will also find that most of these properties rest on quarter-acre lots. The average size for one of the homes in this neighborhood is nearly three thousand square feet.

This neighborhood also connects you to the great schools that make up the Tomball Independent School District. You will also be able to take advantage of a location that makes it easy to enjoy bars, restaurants, parks, golfing, major highways, lakes, walking trails, grocery stores, various shops and shopping centers, and much more.

Tomball TX is a small city, all things considered, but it is nonetheless a city of great wealth, style, and features. You are going to have absolutely everything you need to be happy. Gettysburg is a great example of the neighborhoods that can give you a place to call your very own for years to come.

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